Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Cupcakes!

So. Much. Excite!!! 
I am very, VERY excited for Halloween this year! Me and my two best friends are having a Halloween sleepover. Full of scary films and unhealthy foods. As a result me and one of those best friends took it upon ourselves to make some halloweeny (is that even a word? ah well) themed cupcakes!

We made vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla butter cream, and added some fondant pumpkins for decoration. They are for Halloween... but we obviously had to try some, to make sure that they were okay (at least that's what we kept telling ourselves ;D) and they were delicious!


We used Zoella's "Funfetti Cupcake recipe" for the cupcakes and icing, but didn't add the sprinkles.
 The link to the video showing you how to make the cupcakes and butter icing is HERE.

We needed to find a way to make them Halloweeny (yep, still a word) then came up with the idea to add little fondant pumpkins. Nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, sold orange or green fondant! So we made our own... and when I say made, I mean added food colouring to white icing, but you've go to give me some credit for imagination!
The link to the video on how to make the pumpkins is HERE. 

 Excuse the messy piping! But it was only our first ever time using a piping bag. I know, THE SHAME.

I think they turned out great.
If you make any, I'd really like to see! Comment down below if you do, and I would love to see some of them.

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