Monday, 19 October 2015


Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. (and breathe)
Wow, I'm glad I got that off my chest. But if I didn't get the message across. Welcome!
What does one write on their first blog post? Well I guess your wondering who on earth I am, right?

Okay. Well, my name is Lauren (no kidding). I'm your average British teenager, with a, shall I say 'odd' sense of humour, a tendency to ramble and a fluency in sarcasm. I love to read, write and take photos, so hopefully I will get to share all of that with you in the future.
I own a lot of books, I eat a lot of pizza, and I watch a lot of Netflix.

And there you have more information than you ever needed to know!
What else can I say? Today is my birthday, so I thought it would be a good day to start this  little project.
I'm a first time blogger so this whole experience will be a lot of trial and error, so bear with me. This blog will be semi-anonymous (if that's even a thing), so I wont post any pictures of me or my friends, personal details or real names. Even though Lauren Elizabeth is part of my real name. 

My little corner of the internet will be filled with the things I do and the places I go. 'SimplyLaurenElizabeth' is my attempt to tell my story. I hope you stick around for the ride.


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  1. Mwahah pay back time! You went back into the dark depths of my blog so here I am in yours! Thank you for writing this post and starting off simply lauren elizabeth as without I wouldn't of met my bestest blogger buddy to have rants with about everything and anything,mostly netflix,books and ben & jerry's though.. I actually don't know what I would be doing without,ok we all do: still sat talking to my dog.... but thank you for being such a lovely,funny friend to me and helping me through everything.Okay,I'm going to stop before this gets more mushy and I start tearing up. xx