Wednesday, 25 November 2015

30 Blogmas Post Ideas | Blogmas 2015

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I will be doing Blogmas this year! As this is my first year blogging it will be my very first Christmas with you guys, and so I wanted to do something special, and decided to do Blogmas! I'm feeling really stupid right now, because I'm planning 12 posts... a week before Blogmas starts *slow clapping* Well done me. 
I will be doing 12 days of Blogmas, because, lets be honest now, I am far too unorganised to do 24.

I have spent the last couple of hours brainstorming ideas for posts, and I know that some of you may be in the same position if you are planning on joining in with Blogmas. Some of the posts listed below, I will be doing, but I have decided to show a few ideas to help you out, so here are 
30 Blogmas post ideas:

1. Gift Guides for Every Type of Person.

2. Christmas Baking Tutorials.
3. Winter Outfit Ideas.
4. A Day in the Life.
5. Winter/Christmas Tags.
6. My Christmas Wishlist.
7. Festive House Decor.
8. Last Minute Gift Ideas.
9. How I'm Spending My Christmas Eve!
10. Books to Read This Winter.
11. Top Ten Christmas Movies.
12. DIY Christmas gifts.
13. How to Make the Perfect Hot Chocolate.
14. Holiday Bucket List.
15. DIY Christmas Decorations.
16. A Cosy Night In.
17. Christmas Jokes
18.  Stocking Filler Gift Ideas.
19. Favourite Christmas Songs.
20. My advent Calendars.
21. What I Got For Christmas
22. Worst Christmas Present Ever.
23. Best Christmas Present Ever.
24. What I Love About Christmas
25. Favourite Candles.
26. A Visit to the Christmas Market.
27. Christmas Q&A.
28. A Christmas Photo Diary.
29. My Favourite Winter Scents.
30. My (least) Favourite Christmas Jumpers.

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