Saturday, 21 November 2015

Shelfie | Bedroom Tour

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 This is a really random post, but I just really wanted to show you my shelf... um yeah :)
I recently moved house, well actually a year ago, and I don't really want to do a whole room tour post, because I haven't really finished decorating. So I will do lots of little posts about different places in my bedroom.

This shelf is just above my desk and I just really like it. I wanted my bedroom to be a bright place where, if I'm getting annoyed with studying, I can relax.
You cant see in the photos, but all around my shelf there are tons of Polaroid pictures stuck to the wall. I think this is a really good idea if you have a blank wall that you really want to liven up. Plus I have lots of funny pictures of my friends, (you know who you are), pictures that they sent me, not realising the power of the screen shot. *Insert evil laugh here*

The French chest/box is full of all my stationery supplies, which I'm obsessed with buying, so I may do a whole post on that, because it is overflowing. As this shelf is above my desk I needed somewhere to put all of my school supplies, and thought this was really cute.

 All of the things you see in the photos will be linked below if they are still available:

Photo frame
Candles - IKEA -Red, White
Teacup- Matalan (couldn't find it online)
Money pot - IKEA

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