Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Phone Wallpapers | Day 7 | Blogmas 2015

Wow. Its day 7 already. THERE'S ONLY 18 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Who's excited!? ME.
Today I was on my phone whilst trying to come up with ideas for posts, and thought, hey, lets give the people some home screen ideas, because who doesn't need those? And that my friend, is how this extremely unorganised post was born. You're very welcome! ;)

Currently my home screen is a really festive snowy picture, that is really cute... and then theres my lock screen, a picture of Edward Cullen... I know, I know. All your faces be like:

This has been extremely rambly so far, so I will just get on with it!

Clockwise from Left
1//   2//   3//   4//   5//   6//   7//   8//

If I couldn't find to the link to the creators (due to the dark depths of pintrest) I have just linked the pintrest account.
These are all Phone sized (not squares) but as you can see, much like my gingerbread decorating skills, my collaging skills are, well, non existent. 

I have lots more ideas for you on my Pinterest account in my Christmas Phone Wallpapers Folder.

Thats all for today! See you on Wednesday!

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