Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What's on my Iphone | My Favourite Apps

Hello everyone! I've been looking around the world of blogging and youtubing, trying to find some inspiration for upcoming blog posts, and came across the 'What's on my Iphone' videos that everyone seems to be doing. So today, instead of a 'What's on my Iphone', and going through the whole contents of my phone, I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite apps with you!

I got a new Iphone for Christmas, and we are in love, it's official. You hear those wedding bells in the distance? Yep, those are for us. Sigh. Don't be judging now!  That's my phone up there (what a beaut! aha),  if any of you wanted to know its the Iphone 5s in the colour gold.

I've been really loving this app for a long time. I use it everyday, whether it's when I'm doing homework, reading a book, brushing my teeth, or just dancing around my room with a hairbrush-microphone (which we all do, don't lie to me).

Planner Plus
I've been using this since I went on my app store spree when I got my new phone, because there was way too much memory space and I just could not handle the freedom. I use this to add any little tasks I need to do during the week, and tick them off as I go. Its really helpful, and great for all of you with new years resolutions about getting organised!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Netflix is the bane of my existence. Its always there, in the corner of my mind, no don't do that piece of homework watch me, no don't tidy your bedroom, watch me. So when I found out there was a mobile app, my life was officially over, and I was going to live out the rest of my days hunched over in the darkness of the attic, living only on the happiness that the Salvatore brothers bring. Wow, that got out of hand real fast! But honestly I love this app, even though it eats up all of my 3g because I have to have my daily fix of the Salvatores even if I'm out! But it's totally worth it!

One of my previous science teachers actually recommended this app to my class. Its an app where you can make your own online study cards and then use them in games, you can also use cards that other people make, on tons of subjects. This really does help me when I have a test to study for.

Kik messenger
This is one of my most used apps. Me and my friends don't text like you normal people, oh no. We use Kik, Actually, this is probably better for the cost of my phone. Although, thinking about it, not so great for my 3G. Kik is basically an app where you can chat with your friends and send pictures, GIFs and much more.

In the last few days I have become obsessed with twitter! Are you ready for another shameless plug? because it's happening. If you ever have any questions, or would just like to have a good old chat, my twitter is linked HERE. I really love talking to you, whether you need any tips, or you just want to have a chat. I've been talking to some of you over on there already! I think twitter is a great place to mix with fellow bloggers, and make new friends. I myself discovered a new blog called Chattergirl, which I'm in love with! On twitter I have been talking to the owner who is super nice, and who I'm also in love with! Haha.

So those are some of my favourite apps that I have on my phone. What are yours? Until next time,

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