Saturday, 27 February 2016

A Blogger Interview | Sophie Jane

Today is the start of something new. How cheesy does that sound? Just bear with me.

Hello everyone! Today is going to be the first monthly collaboration with fellow blogger, and blogging bestie of mine, Sophie Jane. Yep, you may have heard of her, I have mentioned her a few (a lot) of times, but as someone different. Sophie went as 'chattergirl', before she mixed it up and made a new blog over at Sophie Jane.
So, being my blogging bestie, and avid twitter rant buddy, we wanted to do something on our blogs together. That's why, on the last Saturday of every month, we will doing some sort of collaboration. 

We wanted to start of simple, with a bit of an interview, so you can get to know her better. We came up with a few questions together, and she has answered them here on my blog.  So if you would like to see my answers (which are quite sarcastic, and a little self-centred) head over to Sophie Jane!

Well hello Simply Lauren Elizabeth reader thank you for letting me make an appearance over here -  it's Sophie and I am armed with my cup of tea,spotify playlist,Ben & Jerry's and I am ready to do this interview.

Who are you?!
I'm Sophie,I'm 14 years young and just one of your average teenage girls.I have a passion for photography and writing,I have shall I say sarcastic sense of humour and tend to ramble about the smallest of things.I am the owner of the semi-anonymous (according to Lauren that's a thing) blog named 'Sophie Jane',I hope we can all get to know each other a lot better seeing as I'm going to be around here a lot over the next few months.

Why did you start blogging? Who inspired you?
I mainly started blogging purely out of boredom,giving myself something to do to keep me occupied (and to cut down on my Netflix marathons)I also wanted a way to document my life and
keep a track of it whilst sharing my adventures with people.I was inspired to take the jump into the blogosphere by all the blogs that I read,which included the likes of I covet thee, Aspyn Ovard and Zoella.

Where do you see your blog going?
I don't have any plans for my blog in the future at the moment,but I'm hoping to still be blogging for a long time to come and just seeing where it takes me.I don't have any set goals for how many followers I want or how many offers from companies per month because blogging has never been about that for me - I do love getting so many wonderful opportunities,but it's always just been a hobby and something for me to do.

Name some of your favourite bloggers big and small!
I have soo many I don't know where to start! One of my main favourites is obviously my blogging buddy Lauren - I love her blog because her posts always make me chuckle from her amazing sense of humour and she is such a lovely friendly and support person that I can have Ben & Jerry's rants with.Some more of my favourites are Aspyn ovard - her blog is stunning, I covet
thee,Carrie Brighton, Life by Becky, 113 things to say, Hello October,Lauren from andlaurenanne , Abigail from abigailjessicax,Nicole from thrifty vintage and Zoella just to name a few.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
There are so many things I love about blogging,but my absolute favourite has to be the support
you get from people and the amazing friends you can make.There is such an amazing supportive blogging community, as soon as you start blogging you instantly feel apart of it and people really do try their best to make as welcoming as possible.It's so lovely how much support I have
received over this past year from fellow bloggers,it makes me proud to be a part of the blogger community.

How did we meet?
Well me and Lauren had a discussion about this,she was on Twitter looking for new blogs to follow.That was when she came across me,she followed me and then forgot about it and carried on scrolling (thanks for that) but a few months later she actually had a little peek at my blog and then sent me a lovely direct message on twitter,being me I sent the most awkward one back and it's gone from there really 

Describe yourself using a popular hashtag
Ok so this probably sounds so sad,but I would describe myself as #foreveralone because I am so awkward and I just sit at home with my Ben & Jerry's and netflix with my cat like literally every evening ( I promise you I do have a life though) and then I ramble to Lauren about it - yep I am living my life on the edge.

If you could trade places with someone,who would it be and why?
I don't have a specific person,but someone really close to me just to see what it's like through their eyes and I would try to make their life a lot better in whatever way I can.

What is your favourite Disney movie? And who is your favourite character?
My favourite Disney movie is the aristocats because I'm a major cat lover and the film is just so adorable.My favourite Disney character is Rapunzel from tangled because I think she is adorable and her hair is goals.

Name one thing off your bucket list
At the top of my bucket list right now is to run a marathon for charity - it's not something I have wanted to do until recently.I'm not at all sporty,but I would be willing to train for it and it's such a good cause so I would be willing to give it a go.I always feel that if I'm able to do it and it will help people then I should always give it a go,so who knows maybe soon?

One place you would like to travel.
At the moment the place I would love to go to is Santorini in Greece,mainly because I have seen a lot of my favourite youtubers and bloggers go there and it looks absolutely stunning and just so peaceful.Another place I would like to go to though is New york it's just getting over the extremely long flight.

Well,thank you for welcoming me onto your blog,I have really enjoyed and will see you soon for another collaboration!  

Well, a big thank you to Sophie for answering our questions! We will see you all next time, which will be Saturday 26th March (Go write it in your diaries!), for another collaboration! Until next time,


  1. Haha, I love the idea of a collaboration once a month! And i loved reading through these questions and answers:)

    Oh and just to say, Lauren I love the design of your blog!

    1. Virtual kisses!! Thanks, we just have to come up with 10 more post ideas, aha! Amy I really think you should start a blog, it would be amazing!! xx

    2. Hmmmm maybe xx

  2. Luv Ur blog as always lauren, and luv sophies now to!

    1. Thank you! Virtual hugs have been sent. x