Wednesday, 17 February 2016

MAC Velvet Teddy Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm doing something I've never done before - attempting to review a lipstick, wish me luck. 

Yesterday I went on a little shopping splurge, and found myself in the dark depths of the MAC store. I've never bought a MAC lipstick, but after seeing it on so many of my favorite bloggers makeup tutorials and hauls,  I decided i'd have a look, and check it out. ('Check' being an absolute lie, I ran, grabbed it, paid, and then did some park our out of the door). 

I think this lipstick is a popular one because who doesn't want the Kylie Jenner lip look?  With her dark nudes and all. Velvet Teddy could possibly be labelled the lipstick of the Internet, all of you bloggers and youtubers either have it, or want it! And being a blogger myself,  I just had to try it out! 

I love the MAC packaging, it's so sleek and expensive looking. And, and, you don't have to pay 5p for a bag, good stuff. You may be seeing it in a lot of blog photos, mostly to make me look cool, which I'm so not. But you don't know that.


Velvet teddy is described as a 'deep-tone beige' on the maccosmetics website, but personally I think is  one of those lipsticks that changes depending on your skin tone. On me, it's more of a nude pink, with a hint of brown thrown in, which you can see in the colour swatch against my lips.
Like most matte lipsticks I've tried, velvet teddy is quite drying on the lips. After a while, becoming a bit, flaky. Hold your horses, don't reject it just because of this, as it may just be drying on me, because I have quite dry lips naturally. A quick tip would be to apply a little bit of lib balm, and then go over the top with Velvet Teddy.
The texture of the actual lipstick is very creamy, just slides right on... Can you tell I've never reviewed a lipstick before? Ha. It also feels really nice when applied.

Yes, yes, I know what your thinking. 'Scent?!' I just had to include it - Velvet Teddy smells amazing! I know you probably don't buy a lipstick for what it smells like, (maybe you do, I won't judge), but this bad boy smells like white chocolate, I'm not kidding.

Overall, I'm in love with this lipstick, and not just because the smell gives me a chocolate fix. The price may be a little steep for me, and it may be a little drying. But I think it looks so good on, and being a nude, this lipstick will go with any outfit, and I'm pretty sure will suit anyone!
To be honest, you could probably find a cheaper, drugstore dupe that's about the same colour - but if you didn't want the fuss of trying to find one, I would definitely go for this!

Disclaimer *All images above are mine, minus the colour block, please give credit if used* 

What are your favourite lipstick shades? Do you like velvet teddy as much as I do?

Until next time,


  1. I want this so much!It looks amazing and if it smells of white chocolate i'm sold straight away.Great review!

    Sophie Jane xx

    1. That was exactly my train of though, ha.
      'Do I really need this?' *opens and can smell it*
      'YES, I need this. Now!!'

  2. I have the same exact color that you have. And I love it!
    I always love MAC. They have such great makeup products!

    Steph xx

  3. Great review lovely! I hate it when people say it's not drying becasue it is! Although not a lot becasue it is matte of course it will be drying but it's such a lovely colour!! X

  4. This is such a lovely review! :) I LOVE velvet teddy - it's my favourite ever lipstick! x

    Jemma |

  5. I know completely nothing about makeup, beauty, or anything in related categories, but, i just tagged you in a Creativity award, tag thing.<3 (Thought it was only fair i let you know TeHe)

    1. Not gonna lie, I don't really know anything about makeup either, aha. Thanks for the nomination, I'll go have a look now! x

  6. Hey, I love your blog and nominated you for the Creative Blogger award, check out my post for the information.
    - Nadia (

  7. I absolutely love this lipstick, definitely worth the money!! Nominated you for the Infinity Dream Award Xx

  8. This looks so gorgeous, I definitely understand the hype! Also I really love your blog design :)
    Lucy xx