Saturday, 5 March 2016

February Favourites

Hello everyone! Can you believe its MARCH already?!

 I'd first like to say how annoyed I am at, well, winter in general. It's so dark by the time I get home, so I have no time to take any decent photos for you *cries internally*, that is why I have recently been going all out with the brightness filter, and I feel no shame, aha. Hopefully in a few weeks it will be light out, and I can get posts to you on a regular basis, with good, unfiltered (lies) photos!

 I can't promise this will be a monthly segment on the blog, as I completely fail at favourites posts, I have one for December and January in my drafts that were just too bad!
Today I thought I'd do a little posts on some of my favourite things over the month of February. I didn't want to include too many items today, so here are just a few!

Collection - No Clumps Mascara
I found out about this mascara through andlaurenanne (an amazing blogger and youtuber who I absolutely adore!), and had to go try it out for myself. It is dirt cheap, and as I don't really wear a lot of makeup it is perfect for me!

Baby Lips -Peach Kiss
Baby lips lip balm was the thing to have back in year seven, you were a nobody if you didn't own one. And me being the little rebel I once was vowed never to get one... Until the end of the year when I found myself owning at least five. I still love this lip balm though, the peach kiss has always  been my favourite. I like that it's not very pigmented, but still leaves a slight peachy nude sheen on your lips. plus it smells heavenly!

MAC Velvet Teddy
Do I even have to say anything, really? We all know that the obsession is real with this lipstick. For my full (failure of a) review, click HERE.

Body Shop - Mango Body Mist
I really love all of the body shop products I've tried. Overall, the mango scent is my favourite! I went through a stage where I was obsessed with mangos - yes that happened - and I would buy anything that even remotely smells like mangos. I was a strange child, ha.

Avon - Luck for her Perfume
I'm not too sure when I actually got this, or who bought it for me, but cheers to whoever that was. I wear this scent to school, I find that it's quite subtle, and smelling a lot like vanilla, it's perfect for me! So, on the Avon website, this perfume is described as being 'Sparkling Citrus and luscious red berries blended with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood.', but as I said, I think it smells a lot like vanilla!

The Last Summer Of Us - Maggie Harcourt
This book had to be on my favourites, and not just because I'm a failure and this was one of the only three I'd read in February. I just really liked it! It is by no means the best book ever written, and isn't in my all time favourites, but I did really really enjoy it!  I was forced asked to read this book for school, and wasn't really feeling up to it, but it was so good! I also got to meet the author, and get a signed copy, so all was good in the world, and Maggie was so lovely! I would definitely recommend you adding this to your summer reading list, as it is totally a summer read.

What were your favourites this month? Can you recommend anything?

Well, thank you for reading my February favourites! I will see you next Wednesday for something new!
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  1. All your favourites are so good! I think I need to purchase 'the last summer of us' as I am trying to get back into reading more books again.

    Sophie Jane xx

  2. I love this post! It's so cute and your photo's are lovely, I love the look of the Avon and Body shop perfumes, they're both such good fragrance brands! I adore your blog <3

    Check out my recent? xx