Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

(Let's just take a moment to appreciate how I blurred the background in this photograph... I am way to proud about that. Not going to lie, took me about an hour.)

According to my trusty adviser, aka Goodreads, I have only read 6 books this year, which I'm really sad about. I know that a lot of people would be really proud with that, but I set myself a really high reading goal, and so far, I'm failing. As you can probably tell, from the number of books I've read towards my reading goal, that I am in a reading slump. Every reader's nightmare, and the bane of my existence!
(I found a little definition for you on urban dictionary, for any of you who don't know).

Hello lovely people!
Today I will be giving you some quick tips on how to get out of that reading slump. I wasn't planning on writing this, but I feel like giving you some tips will force me to take my own advice and get out of my own!

Don't Start New Shows
I am currently obsessed with the show Orphan Black, I really recommend it (as long as you read a book!) This however, is not a good thing. When I get obsessed with a show, as my friends will tell you, I get really obsessed. I then end up watching around 5 episodes per day, and for my reading life, this is really bad. So, if you want to get into reading again, hold off a bit, don't start any new shows, or just restrain yourself from watching as many as you want!

Don't force yourself to read
If you force yourself to read, you won't enjoy that book. Give yourself a little reading break, and then come back when you're motivated!

Go book shopping
Not going to lie I think I have book buying issues, someone pay for a shrink. I spend all of my money on books. I think going book shopping could really get you out of your dilemma, go buy a book that you've wanted to buy forever. I wouldn't buy one online because it will arrive and just go on your shelf, not really helping the issue. Go to a real bookstore and browse until your hearts content, maybe you'll discover a few new books you want to read!

Go somewhere different
This is something I really want to do! It can sometimes get boring to always read in your bedroom, sat in the same position for hours. So just grab your book and go on an adventure! Go to your local coffee shop, or the park (preferably not in this weather, eek),  plug in your headphones and get lost in your book!

Reread your favourite book
I think this is the best way, reread your favourite book and go from there. If its a series, even better, reading that whole series will make you fall in love with reading again!

Read a small book
Read an light book, not something so thick that the thought of it makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry. Maybe there's a cute contemporary or a comedy book you want to read, well go and pick it up, I promise you'll enjoy it!

Read/watch some book reviews 
I'm a sucker for some booktube. Some of you  have probably never heard of it, but booktube was one of the reasons I started blogging! This used to be a book blog you know. I find that reading or watching some reviews where the reviewer is pumped for that book will get you just as pumped. I recommend some of my favourites: Sasha, Tasha and Kristine.

Watch the movie/ TV show adaptation 
Nowadays, lots of books are becoming movies or shows. I know this tip completely over rules the first tip, but watch the movie trailer, or even a few episodes of the show. I find that this gets you into the spirit of that world or situation, and makes you want to know more! I started watching 'Shadow hunters' on Netflix and then went and bought every book in the mortal instruments series... as I said, book buying issues. Cant be helped.

Make time
Clear out a whole afternoon for reading. Sit down with a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, put on some relaxing music, and enjoy your free reading time!

I know that this post may not really appeal to some of you, but I thought I'd write it for future reference for myself! I hope that if you're in a reading slump, you will now know exactly what to do! What are you reading at the moment? I'd love to know. If you want to see what I'm reading, my link it here - My Goodreads


  1. This is a lovely post ! I really want yo have more time to read. As I'm a university student I have zero time :( xx

  2. this is great advice! especially not forcing yourself. If you're not feeling the book, it's best to just let it go because then reading feels like a chore!



  3. Loved this & your blog!! Would love to collaborate sometime? :) Tia x

  4. I have been in such a reading slump recently but this post has encouraged me to pick up a book and get reading again.

    Emma Inks

    1. Ah, im so glad! You go and read until your hearts content, girl! x

  5. I'm in a reading slump at the moment actually! I hate being in it!

    1. Ugh, they are the worst aren't they? I think i've just gotten out of mine though, phew! x