Monday, 28 March 2016

Monthly Music Favourites | March

Hello everyone! Its time for a new segment of my *cue dramatic music, and man with a deep voice* monthly music favourites! That was weird!

You are probably wondering why I'm posting on a Monday, and if you weren't, you are now! Please. wonder. As its spring break, and I'm not really getting up to too much, except procrastinating over revision (lets not talk about that!), I thought it would be nice to post a bit more during the week! So in my little planner, I've written lots of ideas, and I'm hoping to post 4 times this week - but don't hold me to it, I may stop procrastinating!

I actually accidentally used my free Spotify premium trial, so went a bit crazy with downloading songs, so there are quite a few more than usual.

I know that these aren't my most popular posts, but I really enjoy writing them, and keeping a note of what I've been listening to! I won't ramble on like I usually do, so, here are some of my favourite songs this month! (songs in bold are my absolute favourites!)

Lost Boy - Ruth B
The Sound - The 1975
Grow - FrancesHymn for the weekend - ColdplayRenegades - X AmbassadorsRemains - BastilleFlaws - BastilleIt gets Cold - Eliza and the Bear
I've actually been listening to a bit classical music when I revise, as I think it really helps me concentrate and be in the right mood for studying. I thought I'd give you a few I've been listening to, so you can see if they help you out with your concentration!
Classical musicSwan Lake Op. 20: SceneSwan Lake Op. 20: WaltzMeeting Miriam - Cater BurwellAmbre - Nils FrahmQuiet Joy - Rachel Currea
What have you been listening to this month?That's all for today! I will see you on Wednesday and Thursday! Until next time,


  1. I love these posts! I'm considering starting them up on my blog to as I really enjoy listening to music.This month I have mainly being listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 and Birdy's new album 'Beautiful lies' I think I might try listening to some classical to help with revision as I'm going to be doing a lot of it over the next few weeks

    Sophie Jane |

  2. I loved your post!! I really loved this post. I might punch the idea of that's okay xx

    1. Yes, definitely! I'd love to see some of your favourites!! x