Saturday, 19 March 2016

Shows to Watch on Netflix!

Yes, that is a heart of popcorn. Creativity. The upside to getting popcorn all over my bed to take this picture? Getting to eat all of the popcorn... no, seriously I ate half a bag in the making of this!

Welcome to Netflix anonymous. My name is Lauren and I am a Netflix addict.

Hello lovely! Today is the day when I show you how bad my Netflix obsession is. I will be sharing with you some of my favourite shows that you definitely have to go watch!
P.S, the gifs have made a return! God help us all, when I get my hands on a gif! Whew theres no stopping me.

The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert has a fairly, unfortunate, life. Just after the loss of her parents, a new guy, Stephan Salvatore, comes to town. However, with Stephan comes trouble. Trouble that goes by the name of Damon Salvatore.

This has to be my favourite show at the moment. Elena used to get on my last nerve, but after recent events, I've started to really like her. Come on, we all know about my boys Stephan and Damon, I must mention them in every post. I am totally a Delena shipper *insert heart eye emoji*, and Damon is just the sweetest little thing.
I recommend this show to everyone I meet, it has everything you want in a show, romance, mystery, a bit of comedy. I have to say, season 6 has just gotten so funny... mostly because of kai, I mean come on, the sass on that boy! haha. I definitely recommend this show, there are currently 7 seasons, so it will keep you going for a while... unless your me who watched a whole season in a week.

Pretty Little Liars
Do I even need to explain this show? Everyone and their dog knows about what its about!

Oh, we all know this! I used to absolutely love it! And the nostalgia I get when I watch the new series is unreal! I am by no means a hardcore pll fan, I haven't dedicated years of my life to the show, back in the summer I marathoned all 5 seasons. So I wasnt as invested in the revealing in A, and I was happy with how everything turned out, unlike quite a lot people. I cant say I think highly of the new season though, I'll watch it, but I think they are dragging it out a wee bit.

Orphan Black
Orphan Black is  is a dramatic conspiracy thriller, about the lead character, Sarah Manning,  an orphan (hence the name of the show), who witnesses the suicide of a woman (Beth Childs) who looks. exactly. like. her. Sarah decides to ditch her outsider status, and assume the identity of Beth, only to meet some interesting people who lead to the uncovering of some nasty secrets about her past. Who was Beth? And why are they identical? 

I mentioned this in my last post. My new OBSESSION, breathe Lauren. I didn't really think I'd like this program, but as you can tell from the caps lock thats on its way, I DID!! This program isn't like anything I normally watch, to be honest most things I like must have some aspect of a gushy romance. But this definitely has no gushy romance! The lead, well, many, many, of the leads, are played by Tatiana Maslany, who in my opinion is an acting queen - who can nail any accent given to her! If you've seen this show, who is your favourite character? Mine has to be Helena, she's absolutely hilarious!

Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time is a fairy tale drama. Set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, each character is  fairy tale being, who find themselves transported into the 'real world'. Only, nobody remembers who they really are.

I'm not as into this show as I was last year. but, the new season has just premiered and I'm really enjoying it so far! 

Clary Fray has just turned eighteen. That night, however, her mother is abducted from her home, by a cause unknown to Clary. That's when she learns a vital part of her history that her mother had hidden from her, Clary is descended from a line of Shadowhunters. A race of humans born with angelic blood that fight to protect our world. But with these new discoveries come new relationships, relationships with those like Jace Wayland. 

I also mentioned this in my last post... do I ever not talk about Netflix? The answer is no. I never stop talking about Netflix. This girl got issues. :D
I have this show to thank for getting me into 'the mortal instruments' books! I have to admit that it isn't as good as the books, and a lot has changed, but I still enjoy sitting down every Wednesday to catch the new episode! I personally think that the lines for Alec should be for Jace, so in the show I'm basically in love with Alec - Mathew Daddario is too cute! I'd just watch it for him if I were you, aha. And hey, if you wanted to know more about this book series, there just might be a little review coming for you next week!

I thought  would just list a few other shows I have been or am currently watching!

Other shows to watch:
Life Unexpected
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Band Theory
Gossip Girl
Making a Murderer

Well, thats all for today! What are your favourite TV shows? Until next time,


  1. I am currently obsessed with Pretty Little Liars - I'm up to season 3, but when I've finished I think I'll have to take your advice and watch The Vampire Diaries! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed this post X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Pretty Little Liars was my life last summer! It is so good!! TVD as to be my favourite show at the moment, I really hope you enjoy it! x

  2. Loving your photography skills!! As you are aware i'm also obsessed with netflix and have you to blame for my obsession over pretty little liars.

    Sophie Jane

    1. Thanks lovely!! I am very well aware, as most of our little chats have some aspect of Netflix in them, aha! x

  3. Absolutely pretty little liars - I started watching on Netflix last year and couldn't stop.
    As you like a fair few of my favourites I am going to take advice and watch a few of these that I've not seen - once I have caught up on big bang theory.

    1. Once you start, there is no stopping! I'd love to hear if you enjoyed some of the ones I recommend! x

  4. I love Gossip Girl!!! It's my favourite be far. I'm currently watching 90210 and I definitely recommend it! Kajsa x

  5. Oh my god so glad you mentioned shadowhunters! I read all the books back in 2012 or so and they're my absolute favourite series of all time (after Harry Potter of course!) I really love the show, especially Alec & Magnus (all the feels) but I agree with you, it's not as good as the books!