Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Revision Routine | A Collaboration With Sophie Jane

Hello Everyone!
Yes, I am still alive! I feel so bad for not having posted in over two weeks! What?!
I've just been having a little break from blogging, and getting motivated with revision for my exams that are really soon! - help me!

So, after being up to my eyeballs with revision, and a new collaboration with Sophie due, what better way than to make this months post all about Revision!
Head on over to Sophie Jane to get some amazing tips on how to deal with the stress of revising and exams! I decided that I wanted to give you an idea of how I like to revise, and a few tips along the way!

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind
First things first, I have to tidy my bedroom! After refusing to wake up early, and being in a huge rush every morning, my bedroom tends to look like a bomb has hit it. Everyday I have to brace myself before walking in and seeing the damage. Today it wasn't too bad, I just made my bed, put away any makeup and hair products from that morning, and made a move on my desk.

Don't Revise On An Empty Stomach
I find it really difficult to absorb any information on an empty stomach. So I make myself a little snack. I usually go for something simple, like a few pieces of fruit to munch on. I did try the 'treat yourself to a chocolate bar every time you complete a task' tip. But because of my complete and utter lack of will power, I spent my revision time focused on finishing all of the chocolate in one go... I'd say that that tip failed. But you never know, maybe it will work for you!

Water! Most of the time I fill my big water bottle up, so i don't need to go making hundreds of trips downstairs to refill a little glass. Drinking water and staying hydrated, I find, keeps me a lot more alert and awake while i revise.

Turn On Your Music
Personally, I like to revise whilst listening to some music. It may not be your forte (pun intended), and I know that some people find it extremely distracting, but maybe some music without lyrics may help you out? For those of you that, like me, can revise to music, I really recommend the Revision Ballads playlist on spotify! Especially if you're studying any love related English material - it really gets me in the right mindset for it.

Revision Tips
Lets get on to how I actually revise!
I think that the most important thing is to stay organised. Make a revision timetable, and stick to it! Only make one that you know you will stick to! You know yourself, and if you know you (wow, great sentence, aha) won't be motivated to do loads, don't fill your entire weekend with maths revision. Fill it with enough sessions to learn, but don't go over the top! I recommend GetRevising, to make a good timetable!

English - if you're like me, and have to learn loads of quotes because you have a closed book exam, I find making little revision cards really helpful! Write the quote of one side, and the analysis on the other. Take them with you everywhere you go, whip them out whenever you have a spare minute, and test yourself!

Math - we are always told in school, that past papers and practise questions are the answer to your prayers! Don't spend forever making note cards, and then not putting them into practise. My advice would be to go through a few past papers, and see which questions you got wrong, and then use your resources (books, teachers, google, ect) to improve!

That's all for today, I will see you soon! Make sure to go and check out Sophie's post over on her blog! Our next collab, I believe is on Until next time,



  1. THIS WAS GREAT! I do that quote on front/ analysis for the back one, but for like all my essay subjects- it's so useful! I'm so thankful maths is out of my life forever now though (they waited till our exam was over to come out and say oh yeah that exam was too hard it was horrible!) I'll need to check out that spotify playlist!!

    Loved this post!

    Anne x // A Portrait Of Youth

    1. Thanks!! I really can't wait until I no longer have maths! Just waiting for the day i no longer have to pretend I understand a word the teacher is saying, aha! x

  2. Good luck with your exams! I have sure you will smash it! Keep working hard and I am sure you will do just fine xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. Fantastic blog! I so needed this to get me motivated and I kind of fancy doing some revision now so thank you!xx

    1. Thank you!! x Great, I'm so glad it got you a little more motivated! x <3

  4. This is such a useful post! I love your photographs too! Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you will do great! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  5. Don't revise on an empty stomach is such important advice, a good breakfast sets you up for a productive day! Best of luck with your exams, lovely ❤️❤️