Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mac Lipstick Wishlist | The Nudes

Hello lovely!

If you know me, it is no secret that I love Mac lipsticks! So, today I thought I would share a little wishlist for you, of all of the nude lipsticks I hope to collect! And, I mean, if any of my friends out there want to buy me one, you now have a whole list! (Im only slighty kidding haha)  Just go all out and pull a Jake on me (the cutest boyfriend ever who surprised his girlfriend with all of the mac lipsticks she wanted! I shared his vlog with all of my friends, because of his cuteness! I will link it HERE if you want to go see! )

I wasn't too sure how to present this post, whether or not to do a whole paragraph about each. I think I will just give you all of the finish and colour details instead, as there is only so much you can say about lipsticks you have never tried!

I know some of these look very similar, but they have different finishes, and as a result appear different on the lips!

Finish: Amplified Creme
Colour: Soft pink beige
Finish: Satin 
Colour: Pink-beige with white pearl 
Colour: Dirty blue pink
Finish: Matte
Colour: Light beige tones with rose
Finish: Matte 
Colour: Muted pinky-beige brown
Finish: Satin
Colour: Muted reddish-taupe brown
Finish: Matte

If you have tried any of these colours, I'd love to see what you think in the comments, and any others that you recommend! Until next time,



  1. Blankety and Brave are two I really want to try too! My favourite nude MAC lipstick has to be Patisserie X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. ooo, I will definitely have to have a look at Patisserie! Whew, I better start saving up some money, aha! x

  2. Great list! I don't know it I would ever get nudes because they never seem to suit me I am much more of a dark lip kinda girl xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion