Monday, 30 May 2016

My Spring Morning Routine | A Collaboration with Sophie Jane

*Note: I had this scheduled for our usual collab time, but it didn't go up! I'm so sorry, but its here now!*

Hello everyone!
I know, i know, I've been such a bad blogger as of late! However, I didn't want to miss my next collaboration with the lovely Sophie Jane, so i am back!
If you're new around here, (hi, hey, hello, welcome!) then you probably wont know whats going on, so let me explain. Every month this year, my blogging bestie and I have decided to do a little collaboration that will bring our blogs, and readers together!
This month, with no holidays or events coming up, we decided to show you our daily routines! We drew it out of a hat, and I got to show you my weekend morning routine and Sophie will be showing her night routine!


Just to throw out a little note, this is not my morning routine on a daily basis. Im doing my weekend morning routine, to make this a bit more interesting, because, let's be honest, I wake up so late that there is no morning routine! Come on, we all know I am possibly the laziest person ever to walk this earth! haha. So this is what I do when I have one of those weekends where I'm pumped to get up and get some work done!

If I don't have to drag myself out of bed to go to school (trust me, that is not a pretty sight!) then I will usually lie in until around 9:00am! My alarm and I have a strictly 'hate' relationship - nope there is definitely no love there.
Am I the only one who tries to coax myself out of bed by setting my favourite song as my alarm, but after a few days ending up detesting the song because it was an accomplice in waking me up? No? Just me, haha.

So usually I will laze around in bed catching up with social media and all that fun stuff. Then I will go and jump in the shower! I don't tend to wash my hair in the mornings, but rather the night before, because I just find that my hair is so thick, and there is so much of it, that it takes forever to dry.

It doesn't take me very long in the shower, so by this time I will make my way downstairs and whip up a little smoothie. I try to make it look like it fell out of tumblr, but it never looks as good as it does in my head! Next I will find some breakfast, sit down and relax while I munch away!

By this time I will do my skincare routine, brush my teeth and get changed! I've been thinking about doing my first outfit post soon, so if you'd like to see that, send me a little message on twitter or just comment down below!
My skincare routine for the morning does not really consist of much. Just my trusty Simple face wash and toner!

Well, this is usually about the end of my morning activities! I'm showing you a day when I don't really have any plans, and I'm not going out - so I will  sit down and read a book or plan some blog posts (can you believe I still do that? Seeing as I've only posted ONCE this month!) 
'Second Chance Summer' is not the book that I am currently reading, but I read this last year and really enjoyed it. Morgan Matson is definitely someone to add to your summer reading list!

That is all for today! Hopefully, because its now the holidays, I will be able to get more posts out to you very soon! Until next time,



  1. Loved this post! Your pictures are so pretty! X


  2. I absolutely love the book Second Chance Summer! I read it the past two summers so I might read it again this summer! Lovely morning routine! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Thank you!! I loved it too, all of the Morgan Matson books are such great summer reads! <3

  3. Finally a blogger who does morning routines, I don't know why but their just fun to watch/read. The strawberry milkshake did look delicious!!