Saturday, 4 June 2016

Finding Audrey | Book review (Spoiler Free)

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Today I thought I'd sit down and write for you a little review... and that rhymed, so we are off to a good start! Lets just jump right into it!

Finding Audrey 

An anxiety disorder disrupts fourteen-year-old Audrey’s daily life. She has been making slow but steady progress with Dr. Sarah, but when Audrey meets Linus, her brother’s gaming teammate, she is energized. She connects with him. Audrey can talk through her fears with Linus in a way she’s never been able to do with anyone before. As their friendship deepens and her recovery gains momentum, a sweet romantic connection develops, one that helps not just Audrey but also her entire family. 

Finding Audrey follows the story of a 14 year old Audrey, and her emotional and physical journey of living with depression and severe social anxiety.

Going into this book, I was expecting something extremely sad, and to be crying after every page. However Sophie Kinsella portrayed this important subject with an upbeat background, which i personally think was great to captivate the target audience. 
She is educating the reader on these illnesses, but also showing how they effect peoples every day lives. The author does this by intertwining the narrators feelings and emotions with every day family antics - showing that the people affected by this are just normal people who happen to deal with problems that others may not.

The synopsis makes this book sound like finding a boyfriend cures Audrey's illness, but that isn't the case. Yes, Linus does support her improvement. But this book shows that recovering from a mental illness may be a slow process, and will be full of ups and downs - 'two steps forward, one step back'. This is what made the book for me, it shows that having a boyfriend doesn't cure a mental illness, unlike in some other YA books.

Yes, I was that crazy lady on the bus cackling to herself, but I had good reason! Without a doubt, this book is hilarious! All of the shenanigans going on in the family, really do make you burst out laughing. I think that every character in this book made me laugh at some point. You have Frank, Audrey's sarcastic brother, with a passion for gaming, and going against his mother. Felix, Audrey's 4 year old brother, who does all of the adorable and hilarious things that a 4 year old decides should be happening. Audrey's mum, who is dead set that computers are the devil, and should all be destroyed (literally, this happens). All of these characters, and the hilarity of them, makes the book light hearted, but doesn't degrade the topic of mental illness.

This all ties together to create one big heartwarming story that will make you laugh out loud and burst into tears - and relate to. I think everyone will find something of themselves in Audrey and her family.

You Will Love This Book If:

  • You struggle with anxiety or depression or would like to be more educated on these subjects.
  • You fancy a heartwarming and hilarious read!

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  1. I love this book so much! I totally agree with everything you said about it and think it is such a good book for bringing awareness to sensitive subjects that need discussing and is amazing at educating people who aren't familiar/want to know more about the subjects.Amazing review Lauren!!!

    Sophie Jane |

  2. Great post! This book sounds right up my street! I will have to pick it up and read it! X


  3. I really enjoy reading YA books about mental health so I will be adding this one to my to buy list! It sounds really good, thank you for sharing xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  4. Such a nice review! I read this a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it - Sophie Kinsella's books are amazing!