Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone! I am really pumped to be writing posts today - I'm churning them out left, right and centre!

Lets just begin by saying how crazy it is that its already June! 2016 has just flown by!
Side note- yes, I am aware that I add an exclamation point to everything I write! It's getting seriously out of hand, guys.

Today I thought I'd show you a few things that I really want to get my hands on, and hopefully will very soon! Actually, who am I kidding. I'm that person who has a long list of things she wants to buy, but then never actually buys them, because that involves spending money. Well, here are all of the things that I really like, but will probably never get around to buying because I'm so cheap! haha.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist
As I'm sure many of you have heard, Zoe has released a brand new range to add to the 'Zoella beauty' line. I have no idea what this smells like, but I have everybody spray from each range, and this would just add to my little collection! Plus, I'm sure it smells amazing!

MAC Whirl
If you've been here for a while, you will remember my old MAC lipstick wishlist. This was on there, but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet (big surprise there). After watching Tanya Burr's new 90's makeup tutorial, and this lipstick, in my opinion, completing the look, its been bumped up to my most wanted list!

Marble and Coral iPhone Case
I need a new phone case, I really hate mine! My dad bought a case that he figured a teenage girl would like - which means it has kisses and hearts all over it... oh its as bad as it sounds! So I want get one that's a little more très chic, than just totally tragic. And any case with a marble design just calls out to my little heart.

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit
I know, I know, I am so late on that bandwagon! But after hearing some raving reviews, I feel it is time for me to catch up with, and jump on, the bandwagon!

MOTO Pretty Blue Mom Jeans
I have wanted a pair of mom jeans for the longest of times! Whenever I see someone walk past with a pair, I have to point them out. It's gotten to the stage where my best friend knows exactly what I'm pointing at without even looking.
I'm just a little tired with wearing the same style of jeans all of the time, and these would help me mix it up a bit. And plus, they will look amazing in the summer!

Anna Saccone: Libra Rose Gold Necklace
I absolutely love Anna's range! These necklaces are very personal to her, and yet she has still managed to make them look amazing! I had the idea for me and my best friend to get each other matching necklaces for our birthdays, because we were born only a few days apart. Turns out those extra days mean we are different star signs. So that's that idea went out the window! But, you know she can still buy me one... hint hint, haha.

That's all for today! Until next time,



  1. I really want to buy few products for Zoe's new range too! Especially Body Fondant as I think it would be amazing for complimenting my tan, haha :D x

    1. ooo, I bet it will look amazing with a tan!! You should definitely try it out, and then tell me how it is! <3

  2. Ahh I want it all too!! Everything looks amazing and so cute.I especially want the Mac lipstick and literally everything from Zoe's new sweet inspirations range.

    Sophie Jane |


  3. I loved this post! I also saw tanya burrs video which also made me want to buy whirl! I haven't tried any of the Zoella body mists for some strange reason but the new range sounds like it smells delicious so maybe I could pick this one up! X


  4. Nice post! Real Techniques Core Collection is amazing, I have had mine for nearly a year and a half and they are still like new, they are worth the money.

  5. I thought it was just me who always put too many exclamation points at the end of my sentences, haha! (<oh look, there's one) I've been loving the look of Zoe's Sweet Inspirations Range, and hope that one day will actually order the products online. That phone case is super simple, I love it! Oh, and I just found and followed your blog, and I love how cute it is. :) xx