Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Court of Thorns and Roses | Spoiler free Review

Hello Everyone!
I believe I have mentioned a little about my love for this book in a blog post way back in October, nearer to when it was released, but after re-reading this, I just really wanted to do a little book review for you!
I  want to start of by saying that I absolutely love Sarah J. Maas. I have read all of her books and Ive recommended them to everyone I've met. Ever. She is such an inspiration to me, I just love her! If you couldn't tell aha.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she's been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it . . . or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.    ~ Goodreads

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast. It follows the story of Feyre, a nine-teen year old huntress, forced to mature beyond her years, and hunt to keep her family alive. However, one day an encounter in the woods, with a wolf beyond anything imaginable, changes everything. For this was not just an ordinary wolf, and soon Feyre would have to pay the price...

This still stands as one of my favourite books of all time! For me, it's just one of those books where you find yourself looking at the clock and its already midnight, but you've been so immersed in it that you had no idea that time was passing. I always find myself so absorbed in Sarah's characters and words, that the real world just ticks on around me, and I'm oblivious.

This book is full of amazing character development and world building. The characters may seem bitter, or just plain cold at the beginning, but as new friendships and romances blossom, and new information comes to light, those character open up and become so close to your heart. Honestly, I think each character has at least one important lesson to teach, there is something everyone can take away from reading this book.

The underlying plot is a romance, and oh how I do love good romance! This novel does have a warning for younger readers, as it does get quite steamy in a few places. So beware of that if its not really something you go for in a book. Of course I would never tell someone not to read a book because of their age, you know what you can handle and what would make you uncomfortable, I'm not here to stand in your way.

The YA world of fantasy was a place that I tended to avoid. Big books with new worlds and creatures, was a really daunting prospect for me. In book stores I would always find myself in the fluffy contemporary, or dystopian section. But A Court of Thorns and Roses has really opened my eyes to the world of fantasy, and I cant get enough of it!

You Will Love This Book If:
  • You loved Sarah J. Maas' first series, Throne of Glass.
  • You fancy pocketing another couple to swoon over!
  • You love retellings of well known stories.
  • You're in the mood to emerse yourself in a new word full of intrigue and power!

I will see you next Wednesday for a review of the next book in the trilogy, A Court of Mist and Fury! Until next time,

Monday, 25 July 2016


Summer, summer, summer, summer. Every time I hear the word summer, one of two things will predominantly happen.
One: I will reenact the scene from HSM 2. You know, stare and the clock, whisper 'summer' for unnecessarily large period of time? Yeah that one.
Or, Two: You will be graced by my singing of the classic  'We're all going of a summer holiday'. Which, just so you can get a real good picture of this, I only know the 7 words, and the rest is just a well rehearsed string of 'dahs' and 'dos'. Haha.

For me, summer is all about relaxing and letting go of the stress and drama of school. It's a time filled with bright colours and picnics with your friends and going to places you've never been. Have an adventure. Have fun. Whether that's a holiday in Dubai, a sleepover with your best friends, or starting a new netflix show. This summer is a time for you to do you, whatever that may be.

All photos used in this posts are not mine, original links can be found on my Summer pintrest board!

Until next time,


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Simply My Week #1

Hello everyone! Today is the start of a new little segment.

I'm that person who absolutely loves the idea of keeping a diary.  But, saying that, I'm also that person who will write in it consistently for about two days, and then that's that. You can see my conundrum.
So I thought I would do a little post every Sunday, rounding up my week!
 I love reading these sorts of post on other peoples blogs, because I love seeing what people are up too (plus,  I'm really nosey!). I think that looking back at the end of summer at all of these posts will be a sweet reminder of what I got up to in summer 2016!

Monday was the first day of me being productive and actually going out! I finished school last Tuesday, and allowed myself almost a week to relax in my cocoon, watching Netflix and eating junk food! So, on Monday I wanted to do something a bit different, and ended up going on a mini road trip to Weymouth. Me and my dad spent the day catching a few Pokemon (obviously aha), paddling in the sea, and eating a rather large helping of strawberry cheesecake ice cream (I feel no shame, it was amazing!).

Tuesday I had planned to go on a trip to Oxford with my best friend. However, yes, this was the day the heatwave struck at its hardest! I think it eventually reached about 36C (!!!). So instead of going on a tour followed by a little boat trip. We did the: go into a museum, get too hot, have to sit outside in the shade, followed by the run between shops that looked like they might have air conditioning!! (big thanks to WHSmith where we spent a good hour pretending to browse!) Saying that, I thought chilling in the car on the way there and back was really fun!

Wednesday was more of a chilling out in the sun day. Thankfully it wasn't as hot as Tuesday, so I could actually brave the outside. My friend came over to hang out, and I helped set up her own blog: EverythingAmyGeorgia!!  So please make sure to go over and have a look around!
We spent the rest of the day doing a bit of sunbathing and making some homemade lemonade (tutorial coming soon!), whilst planning our upcoming posts!

Thursday was one of those days where nothing really happens. You wake up late, your breakfast is actually lunch, and by which point you feel theres not much time do anything. So, I spent the day writing a few posts, making the graphics for today's post (pretty swish huh? aha). ooo, I did however watch an amazing film on Netflix called 'Belle', if you're into historical dramas, I really recommend it!

Friday was spent in a pub!... okay that sounds so bad - I promise no underage drinking was involved!! My mum, my grandparents and I went to a little riverside pub and ordered some drinks (I had a coke I swear!). We sat by the river in the sun, eating chips and having a little chat!

Saturday was my friends post-birthday-day (that made sense in my head). We played a game of crazy golf, in which I destroyed them  (okay so I only won by about two points, but just let my ego have this!). We then  popped into Nandos, AKA my favourite place on this earth, and got some food, followed by a four hour long shopping spree! ... Now I know why my dad hates shopping with me, it just takes me so long to decide what to buy!

I hope you like this type of post! Until Next Time,

Thursday, 21 July 2016

22 Thoughts We All Have During A Heatwave

Man, it is hot! If you live in Britain you will know how I'm feeling right now. I'm actually writing this post because it's too hot to sleep. Yep, that right, it's currently 2am!
I feel that, as a British citizen, it is my legal right to be allowed to complain about the weather, no matter what it's like. And as someone who doesn't particularly enjoy melting in the heat, there was many a complaint in my mind.  So what better way to complain some more than to make a post all about them!
I know we won't all have had the same thoughts, but I figured maybe one of you would relate to at least one of these!


#1 Too much summer.

#2 #Heatwave  #SomeoneTurnOffTheSun  #NoSeriouslyDoIt

#3 I'm sweating. I'm not even moving, but I'm sweating.

#4 'Just chill out' Oh, you did not just--

#5 I'm thinking day trip to the M&S freezer section, aka the coldest place on earth.

#6 Should I bring an umbrella? I mean, surely this is just a

#7 Why isn't it socially acceptable to walk around naked?

#8 That's it. I'm allergic, I'm allergic to the sun

#9 Okay, so I want a tan, without actually getting hot and sweating... hmm

#10 I'm sweating in places no human should ever sweat - I didn't even know you could sweat there.

#11 OMG A BREEZE. SWEET SALVATION. Wait... the breeze is hot. The breeze is HOT. HOW CAN A BREEZE BE HOT?!  asdjfksfgimi


#12 What fresh hell is this?!

#13 Window open = moths. Window clothes = Me shaped puddle.

#14 Nope, I cant, goodbye covers... Still not okay, goodbye clothing.

#15 I really hope nobody comes into my room in the morning, not a pretty sight.

#16 I'm melting.. *insert witchy voice here*

#17 I cant even remember what rain looks like.

#18 Maybe if I think of something cold I'll cool down...*Where are you Christmas, Why cant I find your..lalalalalala.*   Nope.

#19 Warm side of the pillow. Cold side. Warm side. Cold side.

#20 Feeling the urge to make a Starwars pun.

#21 But do that to myself I would not.  Hey, are you related to Yoda? Because yoda-licious.

#22 Still hot. Yoda wouldn't be hot.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and enjoy the heat while it lasts! Until next time,

Monday, 18 July 2016

This Summer on SimplyLaurenElizabeth

Hello Lovely Readers,
I'm back!!! It's summer, and I am finally free from assignments and obligations, and I am now ready to jump back into blogging and get back on track! I really cant tell you how happy saying that makes me! I'm sat here blasting some music from my headphones (destroying my eardrums in the process!) with a little smile on my face, so ready to restart.
I thought for my first post here on the new and improved SimplyLaurenElizabeth I would do a little admin, as it were, and explain what's going to be happening around these parts during the summer!

Okay, so I have decided that this summer I want to get as much content out to you as possible, because I know it's been quite extremely sparse lately. So, every week for the next six, I will be posting three times at the very least!

I've always wanted to keep a bookish section on this blog, so, every Wednesday I plan to post a little book review, or something book related, to keep up with that! And then on Monday and Friday there will just be normal posts!

Remember that  if you ever want to see any specific posts, just leave a quick comment below, or message me over on twitter!

Until next time,