Sunday, 24 July 2016

Simply My Week #1

Hello everyone! Today is the start of a new little segment.

I'm that person who absolutely loves the idea of keeping a diary.  But, saying that, I'm also that person who will write in it consistently for about two days, and then that's that. You can see my conundrum.
So I thought I would do a little post every Sunday, rounding up my week!
 I love reading these sorts of post on other peoples blogs, because I love seeing what people are up too (plus,  I'm really nosey!). I think that looking back at the end of summer at all of these posts will be a sweet reminder of what I got up to in summer 2016!

Monday was the first day of me being productive and actually going out! I finished school last Tuesday, and allowed myself almost a week to relax in my cocoon, watching Netflix and eating junk food! So, on Monday I wanted to do something a bit different, and ended up going on a mini road trip to Weymouth. Me and my dad spent the day catching a few Pokemon (obviously aha), paddling in the sea, and eating a rather large helping of strawberry cheesecake ice cream (I feel no shame, it was amazing!).

Tuesday I had planned to go on a trip to Oxford with my best friend. However, yes, this was the day the heatwave struck at its hardest! I think it eventually reached about 36C (!!!). So instead of going on a tour followed by a little boat trip. We did the: go into a museum, get too hot, have to sit outside in the shade, followed by the run between shops that looked like they might have air conditioning!! (big thanks to WHSmith where we spent a good hour pretending to browse!) Saying that, I thought chilling in the car on the way there and back was really fun!

Wednesday was more of a chilling out in the sun day. Thankfully it wasn't as hot as Tuesday, so I could actually brave the outside. My friend came over to hang out, and I helped set up her own blog: EverythingAmyGeorgia!!  So please make sure to go over and have a look around!
We spent the rest of the day doing a bit of sunbathing and making some homemade lemonade (tutorial coming soon!), whilst planning our upcoming posts!

Thursday was one of those days where nothing really happens. You wake up late, your breakfast is actually lunch, and by which point you feel theres not much time do anything. So, I spent the day writing a few posts, making the graphics for today's post (pretty swish huh? aha). ooo, I did however watch an amazing film on Netflix called 'Belle', if you're into historical dramas, I really recommend it!

Friday was spent in a pub!... okay that sounds so bad - I promise no underage drinking was involved!! My mum, my grandparents and I went to a little riverside pub and ordered some drinks (I had a coke I swear!). We sat by the river in the sun, eating chips and having a little chat!

Saturday was my friends post-birthday-day (that made sense in my head). We played a game of crazy golf, in which I destroyed them  (okay so I only won by about two points, but just let my ego have this!). We then  popped into Nandos, AKA my favourite place on this earth, and got some food, followed by a four hour long shopping spree! ... Now I know why my dad hates shopping with me, it just takes me so long to decide what to buy!

I hope you like this type of post! Until Next Time,


  1. Your graphics skills are amazing! I love this style of post, i think it will be really nice for you to look back at them when you're older☺️ x
    -Amy << >>

  2. I love the style of this post and the way all your photos are laid out. It's so cool
    Ashleigh xxx

    1. Ah thank you, I have to admit it did take a while! x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hun! So glad to have discovered yours now, you seem so genuine and funny I love it!! x
    Morgan |

    1. No problem, I just really loved it! And thank you so much! <3 x

  4. I love your blog its so cute and the design is amazing ♡ I am so happy that I have found your blog ❁ I love this post and the pictures are amazing ☆
    Anna |

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3 x