Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Simply Lauren Elizabeth 2.0

Hey, hi, hello, welcome. Or should I say welcome back!

As you have probably spotted by now, a few changes have happened around here!
However, I'm here to talk about the things that have changed other than the header.

Just like many of you, I recently went back to school. I've entered one of the, as many people keep telling me, most important years of my secondary school career. Which, I mean, is a lot of pressure, and is going to take up most time. But I really love blogging, and talking to all of you as a result of that. It really is an amazing experience, one that I really want to keep doing.

From now on however, there isn't going to be a set blogging schedule (but, lets be honest, it was a complete failure anyway! haha). Which means there may be a few hours between posts, or a few weeks. School, homework and coursework may get on top of me, and you might not hear from me for a while - but that doesn't mean I'm gone for good, I'll be back!

I hope you like the new layout! But most of all, I hope you all have an amazing time back at school! Until next time.


  1. Glad you're back! Your blog layout is gorgeous omg x
    Morgan |

  2. I love you blog design 💗 It's so pretty 💖
    A xx |